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JULY 2017


Dear Parishioners

Welcome to this special edition of the Hannington Life. You will be aware that Northamptonshire County Council are consulting on proposed routes for the NNOR until 4th August, and the Parish Council want to outline how you can get involved in the consultation. Northamptonshire Highways have come down to two proposals – options 7 and 8. The map over the page shows these routes.

The new proposals will affect Hannington, Holcot and Walgrave. The Parish Council remain of the opinion that any form of junction on the NNOR which opens up the Moulton Road/Holcot Road route will substantially increase traffic through Holcot and onwards to Hannington and Walgrave, increasing traffic problems and in particular exacerbating the road safety risks. The County Council’s view is that not having a junction will lead to increased traffic.

The Parish Council at the meeting held on 24 July, agreed to respond that it supported the need for both the NWRR and NNOR.  Its preference was for route 7 and Spur Road B. Under any other comments, whilst it supported in principal the need for the NNOR, it had serious reservations for the proposal. We are not arguing with the concept of the NNOR per se, rather that we need to avoid the risks for local people associated with it. Now is the time to plan for road safety, not after it is built. To that end the Parish Council will oppose the proposed junction in any form.

We would encourage ALL PARISHIONERS to respond to this consultation, and have attached a template of a letter which you can simply add your name/address/date before sending to Highways.  Alternatively you may wish to draft your own or simply complete the online survey. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. The letter that we will send before the consultation period ends on 4 August, but summarising our opinion regarding a junction;

It will allow access for all A43 and NNOR traffic to use the route through Holcot, either as a rat run or as the most direct Satnav route between the north of Northampton and the A43 beyond Walgrave (including heavy traffic to and from Moulton Park).

With easy access provided by the proposed junction, any problems affecting the A43 or NNOR will push the majority of traffic through Holcot and onwards to Hannington/Walgrave.


Both Options 7 and 8 have a junction on Holcot Road/Moulton Road. NCC indicate that a junction will reduce traffic through Holcot and therefore onwards to Hannington & Walgrave

The proposed routes















Timeline of consultation events

A joint consultation on the Northampton Northern Orbital Route and Northampton North-West Relief Road begins on Monday 19 June 2017 and runs until Friday 4 August 2017.


How do I respond to the consultation?

There are three ways that you can respond to the consultation:

Complete an online questionnaire (see 5 questions below)

Do you support the need for NWRR – yes/no/don’t know

Do you support the need for NNOR – yes/no/don’t know

NNOR – which route option to you prefer – 7/8/neither

NNOR – which spur option to you prefer – A/B/neither

Any other comments.


See Northamptonshire County Council’s website for more information -

Write to Northamptonshire Highways at:  Northern Orbital Consultation, Northamptonshire Highways, Highway Depot, Harborough Road, Brixworth Northampton NN6 9BX

Or email


Scheme costs and how it will be funded

An estimated cost for the scheme will be developed as work progresses. It is anticipated that the road will be funded by a combination of government and developer funding. 


What happens next

Following the consultation, a report will be prepared for the county council's cabinet meeting in November 2017 to recommend a preferred route for the scheme.

Following the decision on a preferred route, further work will be needed to design the new road and gain the necessary powers and funding before construction can commence.  

Northamptonshire Highways

Northern Orbital Consultation

Highway Depot

Harborough Road


Northampton NN6 9BX


Dear Sir



As a resident of Hannington village, I have read the proposal for the Northampton Northern Orbital Route.   My main objections to the proposals are as follows:


The proposals do not include firm provision for the dualling of the A43 from Moulton to Kettering.   This village will continue to suffer rat run traffic for as long as it remains a single carriageway and, in effect a 40 mph route.
We all would agree that there is urgent need to build a northern orbital road, but this should be undertaken in conjunction with the dualling of the A43.
The NNOR should also be constructed as a dual carriageway which would allow for a 60-70 mph speed limit and consequently a significant improvement in journey times to the north of Northampton, and between Kettering and Northampton. 
The detailed proposal envisages a roundabout on Holcot Road, Moulton.  I strongly believe that this will lead to a material increase in through traffic through Holcot, Hannington and Walgrave, especially if the proposed schemes go ahead as planned:  NNOR will rapidly become congested, the NNOR/A43 junction will become a bottleneck and drivers will seek a shorter route from the south.
This village might be better described as an “amenity” village:  it has many equestrian facilities – far more than villages of a similar size – and is a popular route for cyclists and walkers using Pitsford Reservoir and the roads through Hannington and adjacent villages as a leisure destination.  The proposal will increase traffic through this village and put residents and visitors alike at greater risk.
The northerly option (8) will only serve to create more development to the north of Moulton, up the NNOR itself, further negating the benefit of the NNOR and increasing traffic levels between these villages.



Yours faithfully






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