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List of Council Members and Officers (at 31 March 2018)

                                                                        e-mail                                                     telephone

Caroline Middleton             Chairman                                          781631

Ian Wilson                             Vice Chairman                                    781961 

John Middleton                                                                               781631 

Nick " Wes"Wesley                                                                                                          07500 865208

Kevin Simons                                                                               781358


Clerk – Mrs Julie Friell                                                              781539


Parish Council Web site –


Chairman’s Report

Another year rolls by for the Parish Council and I would like to thank all the current members for stepping up to be councillors who work on a voluntary basis, giving their valuable time for the improvement of the village. A huge mention as always is a big thank you to Julie Friell our Clerk for all her continued hard work and commitment again this year.  Her organisational skills, patience and detailed knowledge ensure the Parish Council works effectively and efficiently and we would struggle to exist without her input and guidance on rules and regulations. Since the last APM, we have seen the departure of Allan Ross whom we thank him for his contributions to the Parish Council and gained one new councillor ‘Wes’ Wesley. We remain left with two vacancies and despite much advertising these seats remain sadly unfilled, being a Parish Councillor is a fulfilling role, ensuring the interests of the village are kept in focus and we would happily love to see these seats filled.


Reviewing the action points set out for the year.

It was decided not to continue with the Neighbourhood Plan for Hannington. There was a lack of volunteers to head a team which needed commitment for a long drawn out process with not a huge amount of benefit for the village. Hannington Parish Council members will continue to strive to act in the best interests of the village wherever they can.
Police liaison has continued to be a ‘hit and miss’ ongoing effort. Despite email communication with PC John Hutchings he confesses he struggles to cover his too many duties and at times he cannot devote the time he would like. He is on hand via email to help in any way he can but he is just one person and we feel we have no choice but to accept what information they put our way and hope if ever the village needs them, they will be available. It does feel like this is a defeatist attitude but as of yet we have been unable to find a happy medium.


A thank you to Kate Wilson, our Footpath Warden and to Kevin Simons who on a regular basis, picks up a huge amount of litter and reports fly-tipping to the relevant Councils. Ian Wilson continues to keep the never-ending task of weeds at Mallards Wood and the Allotment bank being kept at bay. Our thanks go to both him and his wife, Kate, who devote a huge amount of time to the village. Thanks also to Graham Martin for taking care of the VAS sign, re locating, changing batteries and assisting Julie with downloading the information it gathers.

Grant funding for this year is as follows;

There is £800 currently allocated in the precept for grants to be split between the Church and the Village Hall.


Thank you to County Councillor Judy Shephard and District Councillor Ann Carter for their contributions to the work of the Parish Council, now that Ann Carter has now resigned, we congratulate Lesley Woolnough for being elected as our new District Councillor and we look forward to her involvement in the village under her new role.


Looking forward to 2018/19 we will focus on the following issues:

To finally being able to site the new gates at the Allotment now the hedge has grown sufficiently.

To continue to try to bring more members on to the Parish Council

Ensuring the Parish Council complies with the General Data Protection Regulations

Financial Report

The 2017/18 accounts will be approved by the Parish Council at its’ meeting on 7 May. The Internal Audit was carried out on 23 April with “no issues have been disclosed”. Section 9 of the Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015 permits authorities with either income or expenditure under £25,000 to certify itself as exempt from having a limited assurance review or to submit an Annual Governance and Accountability Return to the external auditor.   A copy of the Annual Internal Audit Report, Annual Governance Statement, unaudited Annual Accounting Statements, an analysis of variances and the bank reconciliation will appear alongside the “Period for the Exercise of Public Rights” notice from 1 June, on the notice board, for a period of 30 working days and will end on 13 July 2018, together with a summary of Electors Rights and are currently available on the web site.


The bank account balance at 31 March 2018 was £12,604.07 split between general £9,304.07 and CIL £3,300.00.


The general fund has decreased by £323 over the previous year.  This figure still falls within the best practise parameters of between 1 and 1.5 times the level of the precept - it is essential that it is maintained at this level for any future contingencies.


2017/18 saw actual expenditure of £8,100 against a budget of £8,353 – the precept being £7,250 and the balance coming from reserves. Income received in addition to the precept totalled £527 - £348 Allotment rent, £103 vat refund and £76 NCC grass cutting grant. The Parish Council also received on 2 May 2017, £3,300 from DDC under the Community Infrastructure Levy scheme.  This money has to be spent on local infrastructure projects, within a period of five years and the PC will be looking to the village for suggestions.  Monies were spent on grass cutting (£2,211), grants to the Church (£400) and Village Hall (£400).   A copy of the accounts will be included in the Annual Report that will be distributed with the June Hannington Life.


The Parish Council has precepted £7,500 from Daventry DC but will be using £1,188 from reserves.  This represents a 3.5% increase.




2017 2017   2018 2018
  7250.00 PRECEPT   7250.00
  832.26 OTHER INCOME   527.32
  0.00 COMM INFRAST LEVY   3300.00
  8082.26 TOTAL INCOME   11077.32
162.00   HIRE OF HALL 162.00  
675.38   E.ON - ELECT SUPPLY/MAINT 747.25  
122.08   REPAIR TO BT KIOSK 0.00  
2673.80   CLERK'S SALARY 2715.56  
169.63   ADMIN EXPENSES 204.68  
0.00   TRAINING 0.00  
671.98   INSURANCE 687.32  
162.00   INTERNAL AUDIT 167.00  
2040.00   GRASS CUTTING CONTRACT 2211.00  
0.00   POCKET PARK 0.00  
800.00   GRANTS - PCC & VILLAGE HALL 800.00  
0.00   ALLOTMENTS 24.00  
500.00   REFUND NALC BURSARY 0.00  
39.60   MALLARDS WOOD 0.00  
211.11   SUBSCRIPTIONS 212.57  
35.00   OTHER 114.80  
  8263.03 TOTAL PAYMENTS   8100.17
  (180.77) NET (PAYMENT)/REC FOR THE YEAR   2977.15
9807.69   BANK BALANCE AT 1 APRIL 2017   9626.92
(180.77)   NET (PAY)/REC AS ABOVE   2977.15
9262.92   BANK BALANCE AT 31 MARCH 2018   12604.07
  9262.92 GENERAL FUND BANK ACCOUNT 9304.07  
  0.00 CIL MONIES 3300.00  


The Parish Council held the following Community Assets valued at original purchase cost or best guesstimate at 31 March 2018. 

Street Lights/waste bins




Bus Shelter








Information & notice board


Colour Printer


Vehicle Activated Sign


BT Telephone Kiosk


Brackets VAS


Base for village sign


Gated entrance


Data Collection Unit


Allotments – nominal value


Recreation land – nominal value


Pocket Park – nominal value


Village Sign – nominal value


Street Light – Limes Trees Close










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